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Cancelling an appointment
Cancelling an appointment

Learn how to cancel an appointment from the calendar

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There are 2 ways to cancel an appointment in SalonBridge:

  1. By clicking on the appointment and clicking on 'Cancel Appointment':

  2. By right-clicking on the appointment and clicking on 'Cancel Appointment':

Method 1:

Method 2:

When cancelling an appointment, you will have the ability to cancel the appointment either because of a legitimate cancellation reason (the client cancelled, etc) (this is the default selected option) or specify that you are cancelling the appointment due to a booking error. If this option is chosen, the cancelled appointment will not appear on the client's profile.

Regardless of the option chosen, all cancellations are shown on the Cancellation Report from the Reports section.

If you have enabled 'Cancel Appointment SMS' in the Client Notifications settings, the client will receive a notification letting them know that their appointment has been cancelled.

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