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Learn how to add Google Analytics as an integration method

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Google Analytics is a tool that lets you track visitors to your website, see how users are engaging with your website, and monitor events such as an online bookings being made.

This information is useful if you are running advertising campaigns and you want to track how successful they are, or how many people are visiting your online bookings page, but then not booking with you.

SalonBridge allows you to link your SalonBridge account to Google Analytics so that each time a client visits your online bookings page, or completes a booking, it records it inside Google Analytics. You can then track when clients are visiting your bookings page, and how frequently they return.

To learn more about Google Analytics, click here

To enable Google Analytics as an integration method, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Integrations':

Scroll down to the 'Analytics & Conversion Tracking' section and click on 'Enable' by Google Analytics:

Input your Google Analytics Tracking ID and click on 'Enable Google Analytics':

When a client visits your SalonBridge online bookings page, we will send Google Analytics a regular page view. When a booking is completed, we send Google Analytics the following event information:

  • Event Category: SalonBridge

  • Event Action: appointment-booked

  • Event Label: The services booked

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