A target is a great way to quickly track performance against a set goal. Targets allow you to set specific goals for your salon or spa, or for a specific staff member.

You can create a target that monitors all sales (services performed, retail sold, and courses sold), or for a specific type of sale (services performed, retail sold, or courses sold).

To create a new target, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Targets':

Click on '+ Set New Target':

Input the details of the target and click on 'Save':

  • Target For: Is the target for the entire business, or for a specific staff member?

  • Target Type: Is this target for all sales, or for a specific type of sale (services sold, retail sold, or courses sold)?

  • Target Date: The date range in which the target should be achieved.

  • Target: The monetary amount of the target.

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