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How to add a service
How to add a service

Learn how to add services to your SalonBridge account

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Services are what you offer to clients during their appointment. These are usually the items listed on your price list.

To add a service, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Services':

Next, click on '+ Add Service':

Next, fill in the details of the service:

  • Service Name: This is the name of the service (e.g. Full Manicure)

  • Service Category: This is the category you want the service to be added to. E.g. Nails. If the category does not exist, you can add a new category by clicking on the '+' icon on the right.

  • Service Description (Optional): This is a brief description of the service. This is visible to the clients when making an online booking.

  • Service Duration: The amount of time in hours and minutes it usually takes you to complete this service.

  • Service Price: How much you charge clients for this service.

Optional Fields:

  • Transition Time: This is the amount of time that gets added to the service when it is booked. This is typically used if you need to reset a room or station and need extra time before the next appointment. This is not visible to clients.

  • Processing Time: Used predominantly in the hair industry. The processing time is the time that gets added in between this service, and the next service. For example: A 30 minute processing time would create a 30 minute gap between a root tint and a haircut.

  • Show Online: This allows you to choose whether you want the service displayed on your online bookings page or not.

  • Assigned Staff: The staff that are able to perform this service.

Click on 'Add Service'

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