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How to add a new staff member
How to add a new staff member

Learn how to add a new staff member in SalonBridge

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As your business grows, you will want to add new staff members to your team. These can receptionists, new therapists or stylists, or new administrators that need to pull reports and make important changes.

To add a new staff member, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Staff':

Next: Click on the '+ Add Staff Member' button:

Enter in the details of the staff member and choose which services they are allowed to do:

The staff information is explained below:

  • First Name: The first name of the staff member.

  • Last Name: The last name of the staff member.

  • Email Address: This will be the staff login email address. This needs to be unique and cannot be the same as another staff email address.

  • Notification Email Address: This is the email address where booking confirmations are send for this staff member. This can be the staff's personal email address, or a central email address controlled by reception.

  • Mobile Phone: The mobile number of the staff member.

  • Date of Birth: The staff's birthday (optional).

  • Service Commission: The commission percentage this staff member receives for services.

  • Retail Commission:The commission percentage this staff member receives for retail sales.

  • Access: This controls what the staff member is able to do inside the SalonBridge console:
    ​Individual: Can view their own appointments, make and manage their own appointments and change their login details.
    ​Receptionist: Does not get an appointment column, but can manage appointments for all staff and run cash up reports.
    ​Administrator: Can manage appointments for all staff, run all reports and make changes to services, retail items, etc.

  • View Client Contact Details: Whether or not the staff member can see client contact information (mobile number and email address).

  • Can Log in: Whether the staff member should be sent login credentials to access SalonBridge, or whether they should be prevented access from logging in with their details.

It is also important to select which services the staff member can perform. This filters through to online bookings so that a client does not choose a staff member that is not qualified to perform a service.

Once you have entered the staff information, click on 'Save'

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