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Understanding accounts
Understanding accounts

Learn how accounts work and how you can use them to your advantage in SalonBridge.

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SalonBridge allows you to keep track of more than just appointments and payments. It has a full account system built into it, allowing you to keep track of client visits, payments, and outstanding debt.

What is an account?

Simply put, an account is a bill. When a customer visits your salon or spa, their treatment and any retail products they buy go onto an account. Usually, the customer makes a payment for the services and products before they leave, so when the payment gets captured in SalonBridge, the account gets closed and added to the customers profile.

How many accounts do customers have?

There is no limit to how many accounts a customer can have. More often than not, a customer will have an account (or bill) for every visit to your business.

Sometimes, a customer will not pay in full, or will book multiple treatments and have them on the same account. In these cases, a customers account could have multiple appointments and products listed on it.

What happens when a customer doesn't pay for their treatment?

An account will only be closed off automatically when a payment gets captured that is equal to the total amount owed. If a customer does not pay for a treatment, their account will remain open and the next time they visit, their appointment will get added to the open account. This lets you keep track of money owed.

What happens when a customer over pays, or pays in advance?

When a payment is captured for more than what is owed at that moment, the account goes into credit and will stay open. When the customer returns for an appointment, the value of their appointment will be deducted from their credit. This is useful if a customer wants to pay in advance for their treatments.

Can I manually close an account?

Yes you can. If you want want any future bookings to be put onto a fresh account, you can close the account manually, even if there is an outstanding balance, or a credit. This can be done by clicking on the 'Close Account (Invoice)' button on the account screen.

Can I view whats owed for a particular day?

Because a client account may stay open and have future appointments listed on it, it can sometimes be difficult to view the appointments for a particular day. To overcome this, we allow you to view everything on an account, everything up until today, or just the treatments, and retail sales for a particular day. When the account opens, you will see a dropdown menu on the top right of the account line items where you can customise this view.

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