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How to create a retail sale
How to create a retail sale

Learn how to add a retail item to the clients account after their appointment.

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Creating a retail sale can happen in one of two ways:

  1. When the client has come for an appointment and the retail item needs to get added to the account before payment.

  2. When the client walks into the store and just wants to buy a retail item.

Option 1:

From the appointment calendar, right-click on the booking and click 'Go To Account'. Alternatively, click on the appointment, and click on the 'Go To Account' Button:

From the account screen, click on 'Add / Delete Retail'. This allows you to add or remove retail stock from the client account:

Select the retail item, the selling staff member (for sales and commission reports), the quantity, and any discount (if applicable), and click on 'Add Item'. Once you have added the items you want, click on 'Save': 

Option 2:

From the appointment calendar, either right-click on the calendar or click on the '+' icon on the top right of the screen and select 'New Retail Sale':

Type in the client details, the product they are purchasing, and the staff member that sold them the product (for sales and commission reports), and click on 'Add Item'. Once you have added all items for the sale, click on 'Create Sale':

The retail product will be added to an account for the client where you can either add a payment or add additional products. If the client already has an open account, it will be added to that existing account.

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