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Understanding Gift Cards/Vouchers
Understanding Gift Cards/Vouchers

Learn how gift cards/vouchers work in SalonBridge

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Gift cards, sometimes referred to as vouchers, allow clients to pay in advance and use a gift card code to pay for a treatment or product at a later date. A popular use case for gift cards is to give them to friends or loved ones as opposed to gifting them cash.

SalonBridge allows you to issue and redeem gift cards. An example of this process could be as follows:

  1. A client requests to buy a gift card/voucher from your salon or spa.

  2. The receptionist creates a gift card in the SalonBridge system, which generates an automatic gift card code. This is a unique code that will be used when the client wants to use it to pay for a service or retail item.

  3. The gift card code/voucher gets sent via SMS and/or email to the client and SalonBridge will ask you for payment for the issued gift card/voucher. From here, you can capture a payment as usual.

  4. At a later date, the client comes for a treatment and is ready to pay. 

  5. The client requests to pay with their gift card/voucher.

  6. When adding the payment on the client's account, you choose to pay with 'Gift Card' and SalonBridge will ask you for the gift card code.

  7. The amount owed is deducted from the gift card/voucher automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I choose how much to load onto a gift card/voucher?

Yes. When creating the gift card, you can put in any amount.

How long is a gift card/voucher valid for?

By default, SalonBridge creates an expiry date of 3 years (as required by law). However, you can change this when creating the gift card.

Can I still use my printed gift cards/vouchers to give to clients?

Yes. If you already have printed gift cards, there is no need for them to go to waste. When a gift card is created, a unique code is generated (e.g. 1021-hg6t90). You can write this code on the printed gift card to give to the customer if you like.

How many times can a gift card be used to make payments?

There is no limit to the number of times a gift card can be used. However, If the gift card expires, or runs out of balance, it can no longer be used.

What happens if I capture a payment for more than what is left on the gift card?

This cannot happen. When capturing the payment with a gift card, you are shown the remaining balance automatically. If you try to process more than this amount, the payment will fail.

Can customers buy gift cards/vouchers online?

Yes. You can read more about how to enable this by clicking here.

Can I top up an existing gift card?

Unfortunately not. If a client wants to add funds to their gift card, they will need to be issued a new gift card.

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