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Facebook Ads Pixel

Learn how to enable the Facebook Ads Pixel integration

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Facebook Ads is one of the most popular methods for promoting your business. Allowing you to focus on specific groups, based on interests, occupation, geography, and age, Facebook allows you to promote your business to the perfect audience.

The Facebook Pixel integration allows you to track client visits to your bookings page, and their bookings inside Facebook so that you can focus your advertising efforts on visitors and clients that have booked with you before.

To learn more about Facebook Ads and the Facebook Ads Pixel, click here

To enable the Facebook Pixel integration, click on My Business and then on Integrations:

Scroll down to the 'Analytics & Conversion Tracking' section and click on 'Enable' by Facebook Pixel:

Input your Facebook Pixel ID and click on 'Enable Facebook Pixel':

When a client visits your SalonBridge online bookings page, we will send Facebook Pixel a regular page view. When a booking is completed, we send Facebook Pixel the following event information:

  • Event Type: Schedule

  • Content Category: SalonBridge

  • Content Name: What the client has booked

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