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How can I send out a bulk SMS
How can I send out a bulk SMS

Learn how to send out a bulk SMS message in SalonBridge

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Sending out a bulk SMS is a great way to let your client base know about your promotions, any updates, or important information about your salon or spa.

Good examples of these could be:

  • A special that you are running for a particular treatment

  • Your opening times over the holidays

  • A price update that may affect them

SalonBridge lets you send out bulk messages to your clients via SMS. You can schedule these messages to go out on a particular day and time, and SalonBridge will send them to your clients automatically. These messages are called 'Campaigns'.

To create a new SMS Campaign, click on My Business and then on Marketing:

Click on '+ Add SMS Campaign':

Give your campaign a name, type in what you want your SMS to say, and when you want it to go out. The earliest you will be able to schedule a bulk SMS is tomorrow, but you can choose any time you like:

When typing your message, be sure to include the name of your salon or spa and a way to contact you.Β 

When choosing which clients to send your message to, you can choose:

  • All Clients

  • All Male Clients

  • All Female Clients

  • All clients with an upcoming birthday

  • Clients that have a specific tag

Once saved, SalonBridge will automatically send your message at the date and time chosen.

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