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What is a service recipe?
What is a service recipe?

Learn about service recipes and how you can use them to calculate the cost of services

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Service recipes are the products you use in your salon or spa to perform a service.

For example, a manicure might consist of a certain amount of acetone, a certain mL of nail polish, and another mL amount of clear coat polish. Calculating the cost of these is usually done when determining the price you charge your customers, but how do you keep track of what gets used and what your profit margin is for each service?

Recipes allow you to add these professional stock items to a service so that your profit margin gets calculated automatically, and your professional stock level gets reduced as services are performed. This will allow you to keep better track of your stock, and see how much money each service is truly generating.

Service recipes require you to have your professional stock loaded. You can learn how to do this here:

To create a recipe for a service, go to the 'Services' section, and click on the service you want to create a recipe for:

Click on 'Show Extra Fields' and tick the 'Has Recipe' tick box:

Add the professional stock items you want to add as a recipe to this service with the amount of mL or units this service uses. You an as many items as you want to a recipe:

Once you have added all the recipe items, click on 'Save':

Every evening, after you have closed, SalonBridge will go through the appointments for the day and automatically deduct the quantities from your professional stock inventory.

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