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How to run a daily cash-up
How to run a daily cash-up

Learn how to do perform a cash up at the end of your day

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A cash-up is done to ensure that you have accurately captured all appointments, retail sales and payments in SalonBridge. In order to properly cash up at the end of the day, the amount owing for services, retail purchases, and gift cards should match the amount paid for that day.

To perform a cash up, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Reports':

For 'Report Type', choose 'Cash-up Report' and then choose 'Standard' for the report subtype. Cash-up reports can only be run for a specific date, so you are not able to specify a date range. You are able to view the report 'On Screen', or download it as a PDF or Excel file:

The standard cash-up report will display a summary of your sales, followed by a summary of payments, and then a breakdown for each staff member for the chosen date.

The total for your sales and the total for your payments should match up if all services, retail products, and gift cards were paid for on the same day. At the bottom of the 'Payments' section, SalonBridge will indicate to you whether you balance for the day. If you do not, you have the option to 'Find Out Why'.
'Find Out Why' is a tool that analyses everything that was done and all payments received for the day to try to find where you don't balance. It is a quick way to find out why you don't balance for the day:

If your payments are less than your total sales, it is likely that payment was not captured, or an appointment or retail item was added to an account accidentally. While the 'Find Out Why' feature can be helpful, you should also perform a detailed cash-up report to help find the potential problem.

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