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21 May 2019
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Gift Card Update:

We have added the ability for you to update the expiry date of a gift card after it has been created. This action is reserved for administrators or managers and can be done by clicking on the 'Edit' or 'Pencil' icon from the Gift Card screen.

Account View Update:

We now allow you to view the line items for a particular day on the client account. Previously, the account would display all items, even if there were future appointments. You can now choose to view everything, up until today, or a specific date. When you choose to view a specific date, all payment, void, and retail adding dates will change to the chosen date. You will essentially be working on that date.

SMS Client Invoice:

From the account screen, you have been able to email a client there invoice instantly. However, not all clients share their email addresses. To solve this, we have added the ability to SMS a client their invoice straight from SalonBridge. On the account screen, simply click 'SMS Invoice'.

Weekly Update Emails:

We recently started sending out weekly emails to administrators with a summary of the past week's data. This included appointments performed, retail sales and revenue generated. We have added the SMS Credit balance to these emails so that you can stay up to date with the number of SMS credits you have left. You can also disable these emails by going to 'Settings' and then to 'General Settings'.

Bug Fix's:ย 

Recurring Appointments:

In some circumstances, the recurring options would not appear wen making a new recurring booking. This has been fixed.

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