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03 June 2019
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Retail and Professional Stock Order Loading:

While we already make it easy to add, edit, and delete retail and professional stock, we have added a feature that allows you to load a stock order quickly into SalonBridge. In the 'Retail' and 'Professional Stock' section, you will now see a '+ Load Stock Order' button.

This will list your retail, or professional stock and allow you to quickly add what quantities have arrived in your salon or spa. This will automatically update your inventory levels.

Update to Client profile:

When displaying the client stats and appointment history, we would show you the number of cancellations, or no-shows, but only displayed the confirmed, or paid appointments in their appointment history. This has been changed to include all appointments, regardless of their status. Along with this, we have included the status of these appointments. The purpose of this is to illustrate how many consecutive no-shows, or cancellations each client has had.

Appointment Status: Paid

When capturing a payment on an account with future bookings, there were cases when the appointment status would not change to 'Paid'. This would not affect reporting, or your daily cash-ups, but did prevent the colour of the booking turning green. We have updated this so that if a payment is captured that equals the amount owed on the date of payment, the appointments for that day will change to a 'Paid' status and will turn green in the appointment calendar.

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