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How to create a loyalty programme
How to create a loyalty programme

Learn how to create a loyalty programme and reward your clients.

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SalonBridge allows you to create a loyalty programme so that your clients can be rewarded automatically.

Imagine yourself keeping track of every time a customer visits your salon or spa so that you can reward them after a certain number of visits or amount spent. SalonBridge automates this by monitoring how often your clients visit, or how much they spend and issues points to them automatically.

To create a loyalty programme, go to 'My Business', then on 'Loyalty':

Click on 'Create Loyalty Programme':

Give the loyalty programme a name, a start date, whether to issue a loyalty point for a visit, or an amount spend, and what the reward threshold should be. Once you click on 'Save', the loyalty programme will start issuing loyalty points from the start date you specified.

Note: You cannot back date a loyalty programme.

A reward threshold is the number of points or amount spent a customer needs to get before they are eligible for a reward (discount, free service, gift voucher, etc).

For Loyalty Programmes on visits:

At the end of each day, SalonBridge finds your unique clients for the day and issues them 1 loyalty point for their visit. If they have multiple treatments for the day, they get 1 point.

For Loyalty Programmes on amount spent:

At the end of each day, SalonBridge goes through each of your clients for the day and checks how much they spent on treatments, retail purchases, or both (you can choose what to issue loyalty for). It takes this amount and adds it as loyalty points Once a customer has spent the specified threshold, SalonBridge issues them with the reward amount.

Once a customer reaches their reward threshold, you will be notified. You are also able to track this from the client reports.

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