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How to generate a staff working roster
How to generate a staff working roster

Learn how to view and print the days and times that your staff are working.

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A staff roster report allows you to view when your staff are working and what their working hours are over a date range. This takes into consideration their core working hours, booked leave (close outs), and scheduling.

To view a staff roster report, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Reports':

For 'Report Type', choose 'Staff Report'. For the 'Sub Type', choose 'Working Roster' A staff roster report allows you to specify a date range, so be sure to choose the correct start and end date for the report. Remember to choose the format you want the report in. You are able to view the report 'On Screen', or download it as a PDF or Excel file. The 'on screen' and 'PDF' versions of the report batch the dates into 7 days for readability purposes whereas the excel version lists all dates across the sheet:

Off days, or leave is highlighted in red and marked as 'Off'. If there is a date where the staff is off for a portion of the day, the times that they are not available will be displayed beneath their core working hours and displayed in red. An example of this is a lunch break:

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