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How to configure staff commission
How to configure staff commission

Learn how to configure the commissions that your staff earn.

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SalonBridge allows you to set up a commission structure for each staff member. When an appointment gets made, or a retail product is purchased, the staff member can earn commission on this and report on what has been earned.

SalonBridge allows you to set up 3 different commission structures:

  • Set Percentage: A set percentage on all services done and retail items sold.

  • Tiered Percentage: A percentage on services and retail depending on how much revenue they generate.

  • Custom: A custom percentage for each service and retail item sold.

To configure the commission structure for a staff member, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Staff':

Click on the staff member you would like to edit:

Click on the 'Configure Commission' link:

Here is where you can choose which commission structure to choose. The default is 'Set Percentage', but this can be changed.

When choosing a 'Tiered Percentage', it is important to set up the tiers correctly. If you don't, the commission report will not be able to accurately calculate the correct commission.

The 'Custom' commission structure allows you to specify the exact percentage that the staff member should earn for individual services and retail items. This commission structure does not work with tiers, so the percentage specified here is set, regardless of how much money they bring in.

Remember: Once you have changed the commission structure, you need to click on the 'Save' button to save your changes.

SalonBridge will be able to automatically calculate the commission owed to each staff member if the commission structure is correctly setup. This can be generated in the Reports section.

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