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How can I contact SalonBridge?
How can I contact SalonBridge?

Learn how to get in touch with us.

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SalonBridge offers multiple channels of communication. Whether you have a sales enquiry or a support question, you can use one of the following channels:

Live Chat:
We use Intercom for our live chat messages. If you are logged into SalonBridge, click on the icon at the bottom left of your screen to access previous messages, or to start a new chat.

Our office number is +27(0)21 200 5889. 

Add SalonBridge as a contact on your phone with our number above (+27(0)21 200 5889) and send us a WhatsApp message. 

While email is not as fast as live chat or phone, we reply to all emails and will respond to you. You can use any of these email addresses:

Office hours:
Our office hours are from 08:00-20:00, Monday - Friday, and from 09:00-17:00, Saturday and Sunday.

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