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21 September 2019
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We have released the following bug fixes:

Custom Messages not appearing in messages list:

While appointment message, birthday messages, and all other automated messages were being displayed in the 'Client Messages' section, a minor bug prevented custom client messages from appearing here. A custom client message is sent by going into the client profile and clicking on the 'phone' icon. This has been fixed and all messages now appear in the 'Client Messages' section.

Important: The actual message was still being sent. This bug did not effect the sending of messages in any way.

Blank account screen:

There were some reports that when going to the account screen from the appointment calendar, or from the appointment screen, a 'blank' screen would appear. This would force users to navigate back to the calendar, and try again.

We have changed the way that the account screen is loaded from the calendar and from the appointment screen. There should no longer be any blank screens appearing at random times.

Invoice and Receipt Date Filter:

When generating a receipt or invoice, we previously took all items on the client account and rendered the receipt. You are now presented with an option of what you would like to see on the receipt. You can select to see everything, everything up until today, or a specific date's items.

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