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26 September 2019 - Support Upgrades
26 September 2019 - Support Upgrades
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SalonBridge has always placed support at the top of our priority list. While we will always offer the best possible service for free, we have noticed a distinct gap in the market in offering premier support to clients. This is one of the reasons we now offer WhatsApp support as well as an additional support package for clients that require it.

WhatsApp Support:

WhatsApp has become the standard way that we communicate and we want to offer this as a support channel to customers. T0 make use of WhatsApp support, add SalonBridge as a contact with the following phone number, and send us a WhatsApp message:

Premium Support Package:

To meet the demands of all clients and offer the same level of support that you have become accustomed to, we have split our support offering into 2 packages:

  • Standard Support

  • Premium Support

Our Standard Support package is the default plan that all clients are on. This offers unlimited support via phone, email, live chat, and WhatsApp during office hours (08:00-17:00, Monday-Friday). We will never charge for standard support and will continue to deliver industry leading support to all customers.

Premium Support is designed for customers that want a 'virtual salon manager'. For premium support customers, we offer additional support (08:00-22:00, Monday-Sunday) via all of our support channels (live chat, phone, email, WhatsApp). In addition to this, monthly feedback/strategy calls are done to address any issues or to discuss ways to optimise SalonBridge within your salon or spa. We also provide proactive account monitoring to find potential issues early on and help correct them.

To activate Premium Support, click on 'Settings', and then on 'Billing Info' in the SalonBridge console:

Click on 'Upgrade/Change' and click 'Upgrade' in the 'Premium Support' option.

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