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06 December 2019 - Gift Card Templates
06 December 2019 - Gift Card Templates
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We have received many requests for better looking gift vouchers and have finally released the first phase of these. Woohoo! 

Gift vouchers are now downloadable in PDF format and can be printed and folded to resemble a gift voucher.

To create your gift voucher, click on 'Gift Cards' in the left navigation menu:

Click on '+ New Gift Card':

Type in the details of the client, the value of the voucher, and the expiry date. This is all still the same as before. You are also able to choose a cover image for the gift voucher, grouped by category, and type in a message that will display on the voucher:

SalonBridge will send the voucher and request payment by taking you to the account screen automatically. When the client receives the voucher, they are given the ability to download it in PDF format, which can be printed and folder:

The voucher will automatically contain your logo and contact information.

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