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How to add a package
How to add a package

Learn how to add a new service package

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To create a new package, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Services':

Click on 'Service Options' and then on the '+ Add Package' button:

Type in the package name, the category and an optional description.

Select services that this package consists of. As you add services, you can adjust the duration, and processing time of each service.

Note: Services need to be created already for them to appear here.

As services are added, the total price increases. You can alter the package price either by changing the total price, or by changing the price of the services individually. If you change the total price, the service prices will automatically be changed. For example, if you change the total price to be half of what it was, each service will have a 50% discount applied.

Once you have added the services and applied any price changes or processing time changes, click on 'Add Package':

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