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How to book a package
How to book a package

Learn how to add a package to the appointment calendar

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Booking a package is no different to booking a standard service. Once you have created a package, go to the appointment calendar:

Click on a time that you would like to book, input the client details, and choose a service. When packages have been loaded, they appear at the top of the service list. When you select it, it automatically populates the services for you with the correct durations and processing times between them:

Once you are done, click on 'Book':

The appointments get created with any processing time gap between them. The services appear under the staff member that you have chosen and the customer will receive a booking confirmation (if you have enabled this) as usual.

If we click on this appointment, we can see that they have been automatically given the 'package price' we set up when we created the package.

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