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Understanding Events and Classes
Understanding Events and Classes

Learn about events and classes in SalonBridge.

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Events and classes are designed to let you host virtual, or in-person sessions with your clients.

If you are hosting an event, in person, or virtually, you can use Events/Classes to inform your clients and allow them to book and pay online. Events and Classes are different to appointments in that they allow multiple clients to book for a single time slot.

The difference between events and classes:

There is no difference between an event and a class. The reason you have a choice between the two is for you and your clients differentiate. An event is more aligned with an in-person event whereas a class can be either in-person or virtual.

E.g.: If you are hosting a launch party for a new branch, creating an event may be more appropriate. However, if you are hosting an online training session, a class would make more sense.

When you create an event or class in SalonBridge, a web page is created that contains the details of the event or class that will allow clients to book and pay with you. This web page contains the image for your event or class, as well as the name, description and details.

A event web page is only generated if you have enabled an online payment method from the Integrations section.

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