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How to Create a New Event/Class
How to Create a New Event/Class

Learn how to create a new event/class in SalonBridge

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Creating an event or class in SalonBridge will set up a unique web page where clients can book online. This page can be shared with your clients, or via social media for others to book.

To create a new event/class, click on 'My Business' then click on 'Events/Classes':

Click on the '+ Add Event / Class' button:

Complete the information and upload an image. Once you are finished, click on 'Add Event / Class':

The fields for an event/class are as follows:

Image: The image for your event or class. This should ideally be 1600x512px.

Type: Whether this is an event or a class.

Name: The name of your event or class.

Description: This should include the information about your event or class. It should mention what they can expect and details that will entice them to book with you.

Price: How much you are charging for your event or class.

Size: How many people can attend your event or class.

Staff Member: The staff member that is hosting the event or class. This will also appear under their name in your reporting.

Date: The date and time that the event or class will occur.

Duration: The duration of the event or class.

Location: This can either be online or in person.

Online Link: Only visible if the location is 'Online'. This will typically be the joining link for your event or class.

Online Password: Only visible if the location is 'Online'. If the event or class requires a password to join, you can enter that here.

Location: Only visible if the location is 'In Person'. The address where the event or class is being held.

Show Online: Whether you want this to appear online. Given the nature of events / classes, it is recommended that this is enabled.

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