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How to merge accounts
How to merge accounts

Learn how to merge accounts in SalonBridge

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From time to time, client bookings may be split over two accounts instead of appearing on a single account.

This may apply to cases where multiple appointments or retail items are sold for the same client or a group booking which needs to reflect on a single account for invoicing purposes.

E.g: A father and son make a booking (under their own names) and one of them pays for both bookings.

In these events, you can merge several accounts to a single account, to make things easier, when it comes to capturing payments, reviewing a client’s invoice history and sending out comprehensive invoices to the client.

By merging accounts, you ensure that the appointments, payments, and retail sales are all put under a single account.

To merge accounts, click on ‘Invoicing->Accounts’:

Search for the client’s account by name or by account ID:

Copy the AccountID of the account you would like to transfer TO:

Go back to the accounts screen and click on the account you would like to transfer:

On the right-hand side of the screen, click on 'Transfer Account'. In the window that appears, type in, or paste the account ID for the account that you are transferring to:

This transfers the contents of the account to the account you input. This allows you to log a single payment for both appointments but still keep track of the individual client history.

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