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Learn how to enable the PayPal integration to accept payments.

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PayPal allows you to accept payments internationally for goods and services.

This means that if you are a PayPal merchant, you are able to enable the SalonBridge/PayPal integration and allow your customer to pay for online bookings, invoices, gift vouchers, and online retail using your PayPal account.

The high-level process is as follows:

  1. The customer arrives on your SalonBridge Online web page.

  2. They choose whether to book an appointment, buy a voucher, or shop your retail products.

  3. Once they have made a selection, they are shown how much they need to pay and are asked securely by PayPal for their card details for payment.

  4. PayPal processes the payment and lets SalonBridge know whether it was successful or not.

  5. SalonBridge completes the order and sends you and the customer a payment receipt and confirmation of the booking/voucher/retail order.

  6. This appears automatically in your SalonBridge console and appears as a 'PayPal' payment in your cash up report and payments report.


SalonBridge does not charge extra for this feature, but you will be charged by PayPal for the processing and possibly the paying out of funds.

How to Enable PayPal Payments:

From your SalonBridge console, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Integrations':

Scroll down to 'Online Credit Card Processing' and click on 'Activate' in the PayPal block.

Enter your PayPal ClientID and Secret and click on 'Activate'.

These keys can be found in your PayPal Business Portal by clicking on 'More->Business Setup' and then by clicking on 'Set Up Online Payments'. Under the 'Using an e-commerce solution?' menu, click on the 'Get Your API Credentials' button.

You can also use this link to go there directly:

Once this is done, you can start accepting online payments through SalonBridge and PayPal. You can fine-tune the online payment options in your 'Online Bookings' section of SalonBridge.


It is important that the currency configured in your PayPal account is the same as the currency in your SalonBridge account. You can edit your default currency in SalonBridge by clicking on 'Settings->General Settings->Locale Settings' from your SalonBridge console.

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