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31 March 2021 - Product Updates
31 March 2021 - Product Updates
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While we constantly release minor improvements, we have some exciting product updates that we released today:

Ability to Copy and Paste a booking:

From the appointment calendar, right-click on a booking and click on 'Copy'. This copies the booking details to your clipboard. You can now scroll to any date you want, right-click on the time and column you want to book the same person and treatment and click on 'Paste'. You can paste multiple times and a new booking gets made each time. This is useful if a client wants to repeat what they had and eliminates the need to retype the client and booking details.

Note: If you navigate away from the calendar, your clipboard will be emptied and you will need to re-copy a booking if you want to continue pasting it.

Delete a recurring Close-Out:

When making a closeout that recurs weekly, monthly, or annually, it was time-consuming to delete all of them if you made a mistake, or if you needed to make a change. Closeouts that have been created since 30 March 2021 now give you the option to delete just one instance or all instances of the closeout when clicking on it.

Change the 'Request Booking' flag for a booking:

When making a booking, you are given the choice to say whether this is a request booking or not. A request booking is when a client requests a specific staff member so that whoever manages the bookings, knows not to move it to a different staff member. This also appears on appointment reports so that you can track how many request bookings each staff member receives. If you want to change this after the booking has already been made, you can now do so by clicking on the booking, clicking the edit 'pencil' icon next to the service, and either enabling or disabling the 'request booking' option:

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