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Running secure (advanced) cash-ups
Running secure (advanced) cash-ups

Learn how to make your daily cash-ups more secure with SalonBridge.

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Performing a cash-up should be done every day to ensure that the services, retail items, and gift cards sold match the payments that have been received.

SalonBridge allows you to run either a standard cash-up or a detailed cash-up if you want to trace the daily takings on a client by client basis.

While the standard and detailed cash-ups provide a good overview of your day, you may want to have the system ask your staff for the payment totals before SalonBridge displays the inputted totals. This helps to prevent theft and provides a neat summary of whether you are over or under on a specific payment method. In addition to this, SalonBridge will email you (or any email address you specify) the cash-up report each time a staff member performs this cash-up.

Having SalonBridge ask your staff for the payment totals before completing the cash-up can be enabled by going to 'Settings-General Settings' inside the SalonBridge console:

From here, enable the 'Enable Advanced Cashups' option and specify the email address SalonBridge should send the cash-up report to when it is run by your staff:

When this is enabled, and a receptionist or branch manager performs a cash-up report, they will be asked for the payment totals before showing them the totals that have been captured inside SalonBridge that day. This requires them to count the cash on hand, and keep track of payments, helping to prevent theft.

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