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Understanding Forms
Understanding Forms

Learn the basics about forms with Salonbridge.

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Forms allow you to gather valuable feedback from your clients before, or after their appointment with you. As we move more towards a contactless booking process, the need to have customers complete health and safety surveys, questionnaires or feedback forms are now the norm.

As a result of this, SalonBridge has integrated with one of the best form builders in the world - JotForm.

JotForm allows you to create beautiful forms which can be designed from scratch, or from one of the thousands of pre-designed templates. JotForm also allows you to create workflows (events that happen after a form is completed).

Here is an overview of how the SalonBridge / JotForm integration works:

  1. The JotForm integration is enabled from the 'Integrations' section of the SalonBridge console.

  2. SalonBridge uses your JotForm API Key to fetch the list of forms that you have created inside JotForm.

  3. SalonBridge creates a special 'shareable' link that allows us to link form submissions to specific clients inside your SalonBridge account.

  4. When a customer completes a form, you can view the response from the 'Forms' section, or on the client profile directly.

Example use-cases of forms:

  1. To have the customer complete a COVID-19 declaration before arriving for their appointment.

  2. To ask for feedback after an appointment and have it saved automatically for you.

  3. To have the customer complete a questionnaire before their appointment that will allow the staff member to recommend the correct procedure or products.

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