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How to link form submissions to a client
How to link form submissions to a client

Learn how to set up your forms so that they are linked to a specific client.

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When a customer completes a form, you can see the responses in JotForm or from within SalonBridge, but unless we know which client is completing the form, we have no way of linking the form submission to a specific client.

Linking it to a client allows you to click on a client profile and view their specific response rather than looking it up by a name, or number (which could be misspelt).

To have SalonBridge know exactly which client completes a form, we need to add a hidden field to your form that we use to identify the client.

From your JotForm account, edit your form:

Add a form element. A 'short text' element will be perfect for this:

Set the question to be 'SB' (all capital letters) and make the element 'hidden':

Under 'Field Details', make the unique name 'SB' (all capital letters):

Now that your form is set up, you can go back to SalonBridge forms. You will notice that for each form, we provide a Short Share URL and an SMS URL. The SMS URL is the one that we will use in our appointment notifications.

Copy the SMS URL:

Go to your Client Notifications:

Paste the SMS URL in the message that you want. For example, when an appointment is made and you want the link to be sent via SMS to the client:

What happens next:

In the above example, when a booking is made, the client will receive an SMS message with the link that we have pasted. When the client clicks on the link, they are taken to your form. In the background, SalonBridge has included a unique client identifier in the [ClientID] word. Because JotForm records this with each form response, SalonBridge can track the responses and link it to the client that completed the form.


If you simply share the link with clients and not via the SalonBridge notifications section, Salonbridge will have no way of adding the unique client identifier to the form link and will not be able to link the response to a specific client. If this happens, you will still be able to see their response, but it will only be seen from the 'Forms' section and from your JotForm account.

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