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31 August 2021

Learn about some of our most recent updates to SalonBridge.

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While we constantly release minor improvements, we have some exciting product updates that you may have noticed:

Creditors Report:

SalonBridge has allowed you to track debtors for some time which is useful for tracking who owes you money. There are instances where clients overpay, or pay in advance, becoming creditors. From 'My Business->Reports', you can now select to view a Creditors Report with a date range for when the account was opened. You can view this on screen, in PDF format, or as an Excel download.

Longer Marketing SMSs:

Previously, we have limited the number of characters that you can send in a marketing SMS to 160. This is the standard length of 1 SMS and is billed accordingly. We have extended this to allow you up to 306 characters in a single marketing message. You will be billed accordingly for this though:

0-160 characters = 1 SMS credit

161 - 306 characters = 2 SMS credits

Timestamp in the Payments Report:

The payments report has historically shown you a breakdown of payments over a date range and is grouped by payment type. When reconciling payments and checking payments, it can be useful to know the time of the payment (recorded in SalonBridge). This is why the payments report now includes the time of the payment (as it was recorded in SalonBridge).

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