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How to load a split-tip
How to load a split-tip

Learn how to add multiple tips when making a payment.

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A split-tip is when a customer wants to tip more than 1 staff member when making a payment.

The tip gets loaded at the time of payment and the tip amount is added to the total amount owed for that client.

When adding a payment from the account screen, select the 'Tip' button:

You can input the tip amount and select the staff member that is receiving this tip. You can then click on the 'Add Another Tip' button and do the same for the second tip. You can either input the second tip amount or choose a percentage to have SalonBridge automatically calculate the tip amount based on the percentage chosen:

Once you are done and have chosen the correct method of payment, click on 'Add Payment'. Both tips will reflect on the account and the payment will reflect the value of the payment along with the tip value.

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