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How to configure client email notifications
How to configure client email notifications

Learn how to send automatic appointment reminders and emails when appointments get made, or updated.

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By default, clients with a valid email address will receive an email when an appointment is booked (sent immediately) and the day before as a reminder. The types of messages that get sent, the content of the messages, and the time the reminders get sent can be customised from inside the SalonBridge console:

To edit client notifications, click on 'Settings' and then on 'Client Notifications':

On the top of this screen, there are 2 tabs. One for SMS Message configuration, and a second for customising the emails that are sent to your clients. Click on the 'Email Settings' tab:

This screen allows you to enable/disable and customise the emails that are sent for the following actions:

  • Create Appointment

  • Edit Appointment Date or Time

  • Cancel Appointment

  • Appointment Reminder

Within each email message, you can make use of 'Filler Words' to fill in appointment or client-specific information. These include:

  • {BusinessName} : Your business name.

  • {AppointmentDate} : The date and time of the appointment. E.g. Thu, Oct 18 at 12:30.

  • {StaffMember} : The name of the staff member.

  • {ClientName} : The customer name.

  • {ServiceName} : The service that the customer has booked. E.g. Full Manicure.

  • {Services} : The list of services the client has for that day.

  • {AppleCalendarLink} : The calendar link for Apple calendar.

  • {GoogleCalendarLink} : The calendar link for Google calendar.

  • {OutlookCalendarLink} : The calendar link for Outlook calendar..

  • {OutlookComCalendarLink} : The calendar link for calendar.

  • {YahooCalendarLink} : The calendar link for Yahoo calendar.

  • {CancellationPolicy} : Your cancellation policy which is configured in your SalonBridge account.

  • {CancellationLink} : This includes a short link that allows the customer to cancel their appointment provided they try earlier than 24 hours before.

  • {EmailAddress} : The business email address.

  • {ContactNumber} : The contact number for your business.

**Important** The filler words need to include the curly brackets { } around them and have no spaces inside them for SalonBridge to identify them accurately.

**Important** The {Services} filler word only works for the cancellation and reminder email.

Once you have made the changes you want, scroll down and click on 'Save':

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