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How to send 'Come Back' messages
How to send 'Come Back' messages

Learn how to send automated 'Come Back' messages with SalonBridge.

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A crucial part of reducing customer churn is engaging with your customers to encourage them to revisit you.

SalonBridge allows you to send a 'Come Back' message which is sent after a specified number of weeks of their last appointment with you.

To enable this, click on 'Settings' and then on 'Client Notifications':

Scroll down to 'Come Back' messages and click on 'Edit':

Toggle the 'Enable' option, specify the frequency in which these get sent, the time the message should go out, and the message you want to send:

If the 'Come Back' SMS Frequency is set to 4 weeks, for example, SalonBridge looks for your appointments that happened 4 weeks ago and finds the clients that visited you on that day. If the client has not made a booking for a date after that, it will send the message to encourage them to rebook. If the client already has a future booking, the client is not messaged to avoid unnecessary spam.

The message sent to the customer should include your business name and briefly remind the customer to rebook with you. As with other messages in SalonBridge, you can use key Filler Words to automatically populate the message. These are the filler words you can use here:

  • [FirstName] : The client first name.

  • [LastName] : The client last name.

  • [BusinessName] : The name of your business.

  • [BusinessPhone] : The phone number of your business.

  • [ClientID] : The unique identification number of the client. This is used for the JotForm integration.

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