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Understanding Courses
Understanding Courses

Learn the basics of courses and how they work with SalonBridge.

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Courses are a great way to allow customers to pay for repeating treatments upfront, and easily track the remaining treatments each customer has when they visit.

Courses also allow you to easily offer discounted packages that incentivise clients to buy rather than paying for each individual treatment. While you can offer courses at discounted rates, they also offer a great way to let clients pay in advance for a specific treatment course.


You offer a treatment that costs $250 but want to offer customers a discount if they come for 10 sessions. So rather than charge them $2500 for the 10 sessions, you create a course that totals 10 sessions and costs the customer $2250.
The customer can buy the course from you which then gets allocated to that customers profile.
When the customer comes for the treatment, you can opt to use one of the course sessions to pay for the appointment. SalonBridge automatically applies the discount to the service and closes off the sale. At the same time, a course session is removed from the client profile. If they had 10 sessions to use prior to the appointment, they will now have 9 remaining course sessions.

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