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How to create a new course
How to create a new course

Learn how to create a course in SalonBridge.

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Creating a course allows you to sell discounted courses or a set number of courses to your customers that can be easily tracked.

From the SalonBridge dashboard, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Courses':

Click on the '+ Add Course' button:

Input the details for the course:

Course Name: The name of the course.

Course Category: The category of the course. If non exist, you can add a new category by clicking on the purple '+' icon.

Course Description: Some descriptive information about the course.

Course Service: The service that the course is comprised of.

Course Sessions: The number of sessions that this course consists of. When a customer buys this course, they cannot redeem more than this number of sessions from their course.

Course Price: The cost of the course (all sessions). By default, the price is the cost of the course service multiplied by the number of course sessions. You can input the discounted course price here if applicable.

Once you have inputted the course details, click on 'Add Course':

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