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How to prevent staff from viewing client mobile numbers
How to prevent staff from viewing client mobile numbers

Learn how to prevent staff from seeing the contact details of clients in SalonBridge.

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While being able to see the mobile numbers and email addresses of clients can be important for some staff members, you may need to block this access for specific staff members.

To prevent a staff member from seeing these client details, click on 'My Business->Staff':

Click on the staff member you want to change:

Scroll down to the setting titled 'View Client Contact Details' and un-tick it. Click 'Save' once you are done:

This will prevent the staff member from seeing client contact details on the calendar, when clicking on the appointment, accessing the client profile, or when searching through the client list.

Important: Mobile numbers and email addresses are still important pieces of information when identifying clients uniquely. As such, they will still be visible when making the actual appointment. I.e. A staff member can still make a booking by searching for the client's name or mobile number. However, once the booking is made, the mobile number and email address will be hidden.

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