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New Features - 19 February 2023
New Features - 19 February 2023
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We have added a 'Quick Select' dropdown menu when choosing a report date range:

This will allow you to quickly select a default date or date range for your reports rather than having to manually find the dates from the calendar. You can still refine the quick selection should you choose to.

You can now run a stock-level report and select a date:

Previously, the stock level report would return the current stock on hand regardless of the selected date. SalonBridge now takes inventory-level 'snapshots' at the end of each day. This allows you to select a date for the 'Stock level Report' and report on the stock levels at the end of that specific day. Snapshots have only been taken from 06 February 2023, so if you select a date prior to this, or in the future, SalonBridge will return the current date's inventory levels.

The date selection dropdown on the account screen is now in chronological order.

When on the account screen, the dropdown menu that allowed you to filter to a specific date was not always in chronological order. This has been corrected so that the dates are in ascending chronological order.


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