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New Features - 22 March 2023
New Features - 22 March 2023
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New features released on SalonBridge

We are pleased to bring you new features to SalonBridge, including an update to the default account view and the option to allow for custom amounts for online gift vouchers.

Default Account View:

In a previous release, we changed the default account view to the date of the appointment when accessing the account from the calendar. This was to help reduce the 'clutter' on accounts that had many past or future items. However, in cases where clients have paid a deposit, this can be an extra step to change the view on the account.

You can now set the default view of the account to whatever view you prefer. You can tell SalonBridge to display the view of your choice when accessing the account from the calendar, or appointment:

The options are broken down as follows:

  • The date of the appointment: This will show items on the account that are for the date of the appointment only.

  • Everything up until today: Every item on this account up until today's date. This is useful if customers pay a deposit or in advance.

  • Everything: This will display everything (past, present and future) on this specific account.

    Custom Online Gift Card Amounts:

    While we have always allowed you to open online gift voucher sales to your clients from your online bookings page, the amounts that the client can choose have been set. We have added a 'Custom Amount' option for the customer to choose their own gift card value in addition to the existing options.

    When a customer selects 'Custom Amount', they will be prompted to input the value they want to purchase. The remaining steps and payment process remains completely unchanged.

    Other Minor Fixes

    We have also released minor bug fixes and enhancements that should improve the overall experience on SalonBridge.


    We’re delighted to be bringing you these new features in SalonBridge and hope they make your experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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