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My clients are saying that they are not receiving reminders or confirmation messages. Why would this be?
My clients are saying that they are not receiving reminders or confirmation messages. Why would this be?
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SalonBridge uses 3rd party SMS gateways to deliver SMS and email messages to your clients. This is standard practice and helps to ensure delivery every time. There are several reasons why a client has not received a confirmation or reminder message from you. These are listed below:

You do not have these notification types enabled from your SalonBridge console:

Ensure that your configuration is correct for automated messages. You can configure client messages from the SalonBridge console by navigating to 'Settings->Client Notifications'.

You do not have sufficient SMS Credits:

Every month on the 1st, SalonBridge issues you with free SMS credits. However, if these run out, SalonBridge will stop sending your clients SMS messages. You can see how many SMS credits you have by navigating to 'Settings->Client Notifications' and viewing the 'SMS Credits' total on the screen:


You can also click on 'Top Up' to purchase more SMS credits.


The client's contact number is incorrect, or they have 'SMS Notifications' disabled on their profile:

SalonBridge will send the message to the contact number listed on the client's profile. If this is incorrect, the client will not receive the message. Under each client profile, SalonBridge allows you to enable or disable notifications. If the 'SMS Notifications' option is disabled, SalonBridge will not send any messages to this client.

Other Network related issues:

It is possible that if the client does not have any signal, or their mobile network is experiencing difficulties, the message will not be delivered. SMS gateways attempt to deliver messages for up to 24 hours, however, timeouts can occur and may result in the client not receiving their message. This is out of anyone's control and is quite rare.
You can view the messages that SalonBridge sends under 'Clients->Client Messages'. This will allow you to search for a client name or number to see what has been sent.

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