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How to edit the expiry date of a client's course
How to edit the expiry date of a client's course

Learn how to edit the expiry date of a client course in SalonBridge.

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Courses allow you to set a default expiry period when creating them (E.g. 24 months). When the course is sold to the client, it sets an expiry date for the client to use that course from the date of purchase.

When a client's course has passed the expiry date, it can no longer be redeemed. However, should you wish to extend this expiry date, you can do so from the client's profile.

Navigate to the client's profile from 'Clients->View Clients':

Click on the 'Courses' tab and find the course you would like to extend:

Click on the options button next to the course and click on 'Edit Expiry Date'. You can then select the new expiry date and click on 'Update Expiry Date':

NB: This can only be done by a user that has Administrator or Branch Manager access.

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