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How to adjust the client course remaining sessions
How to adjust the client course remaining sessions

Learn how to modify the number of course sessions a client has left.

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When a client purchases a course, they are allocated a number of course sessions (outlined in the course setup). When a course session is redeemed, a course session is deducted from their course session balance until the course either expires or is used to completion.

In exceptional cases, you may want to adjust the number of remaining sessions that a client has manually.

To do this, navigate to the client's profile by clicking on 'Clients->View Clients':

Search for the client, and click on their name to open their profile:

Click on the 'Courses' menu tab to bring up their courses:

Click on the menu icon next to the course you want to adjust and click on the 'Edit Course Sessions' menu option. You will be asked to input the number of remaining sessions the client should have left. Once done, click on 'Update Sessions':

This will update the number of sessions the client has left on their course.

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