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How to schedule a service price change
How to schedule a service price change

Learn how to create a scheduled update for your services in SalonBridge.

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Price increases or adjustments are a part of business and usually happen each financial year. Rather than manually update each item on the day of your price increase, SalonBridge lets you create a scheduled update, where you can specify the changes that need to occur and the date and time of the update, and let SalonBridge make the changes for you automatically.
From the SalonBridge dashboard, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Services':

Click on 'Service Options' and then on 'Schedule Price Update':

First, you can give the update a name and specify the date and time that the update should occur. Once you have specified these, you can go through your service items and specify the updated cost price, selling price and whether the item should still be in use when the update occurs. You can also apply a 'blanket update' by updating all cost prices or selling prices by a specific percentage. If you do not make any changes to an item, it will not be included in the update and its details will remain as they are:

Once you are done, click on the 'Schedule Price Increase' button. This will create the scheduled update to run on the date and time you specified.

Note: Scheduled service updates will also update the prices of future booked services. E.g. if you have a service booked for the day after the scheduled price update is set to be processed, that appointment will reflect the new price of the service. Service prices prior to the scheduled update date will not be changed.

Note: You can create multiple scheduled updates for future dates. These will run on the date and time you specify. If you create multiple updates for the same date and time, they will run in the order you created them. If you do create multiple updates to run on the same date and time, it is recommended not to update the same items across multiple updates to avoid possible pricing errors.

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