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How to apply an automatic gift card/voucher discount
How to apply an automatic gift card/voucher discount

Learn how to issue discounted gift cards to your customers on SalonBridge.

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By default, a customer can purchase a gift card/voucher for a specific or custom amount. They are then required to pay that amount for the gift card/voucher in order to redeem it at a later date. When you have applied an automatic gift card discount to voucher purchases, SalonBridge will automatically apply the discount to all gift card/voucher sales. This is usually done when running promotions such as Black Friday but can be done at any time.

Navigate to 'Settings->General Settings' in the SalonBridge console:

Click on 'Gift Card Settings':

Toggle the 'Apply Discount' option and specify the percentage you want to automatically discount gift cards/vouchers by:

Click on 'Save':

Any gift cards/vouchers purchased online or in-house once this is enabled will be automatically discounted by the specified percentage. To disable automatic discounts, simply de-select the 'Apply Discount' option in the settings menu.

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