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New Features - 02 March 2023
New Features - 02 March 2023
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New features released on SalonBridge

We are pleased to bring you new features to SalonBridge, including an updated account view, corrected report options, a cancellation reason, and the option to send a thank you email.

Updated Default Account View

When going to an account from an appointment, it now defaults to the “Day View” rather than the “Everything” view. This will prevent the account from opening and displaying all items (if the client has an account that extends over multiple days), making it easier to see what the client did and owes for that day and helping to prevent payment capture errors.

Fixed Report Filters

In our previous release, there was a bug that would not always show the report end date when switching report types. This has been fixed.

Cancelling An Appointment

We’ve added the feature of including a cancellation reason when cancelling an appointment. For example, if the option “Booked by Mistake” is selected, the cancelled appointment will not show on the client profile but will be included in a cancellation report.

“Thank You” Email

We’ve added the option to send a “Thank You” email which can be configured from the Email section of “Client Notifications”. This email is sent at the same time as the “Thank You” SMS but can be enabled and disabled independently.

Other Minor Fixes

We have also released minor bug fixes and enhancements that should improve the overall experience on SalonBridge.


We’re delighted to be bringing you these new features in SalonBridge and hope they make your experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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